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Healthcare Cost Consumer Information

Healthcare study on cost produced by consulting firm Milliman. It shows costs throughout the United States by region, plus identifies the key factors driving costs in the healthcare industry.

NJ Prescription Drug Price Registry

Several useful links to get out-of-network usual/customary costs (from independent parties): 1) medical; 2) medical/dental; 3) doctors; 4) out-of-pocket

Study of the overuse or misuse of medical tests and procedures

Choosing wisely, with your providers. Preventive care guidelines.

Healthcare Quality Consumer Information

NJ Hospital Safety Scores, Studies, Analysis, Grades and NJ Performance Report.

National Hospital Study and Report

NJ HMO Performance Report

NJ Dashboard For Healthcare Quality

Evaluations of NJ Physicians and Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Healthcare Delivery Consumer Information

NJ Group Plan Overview

NJ Small Employer Health Program: Buyer’s Guide

NJ Individual Plan Overview and Quotes

NJ Hotspot Study

How New Jerseyans Get Their Health Insurance (chart)