NJ/Healthcare Reform

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Helping You Adapt In The Changing World Of Healthcare Reform!

Health insurance consumers today have many questions and concerns about how new marketplace changes will impact them moving forward. Professional health insurance brokers support their clients in choosing and making the most of new coverage options by providing assistance, trusted advice and service.

Generally, an individual or business doesn’t pay more for insurance benefits purchased through a broker. Insurance carriers set aside a small portion of the premium to pay brokers a commission, which covers not only the selling of the plan but also broker servicing. This can range from something as simple as obtaining a replacement insurance card to complex problems that take days to resolve, such as guiding a consumer through self-servicing internet tools, insurance regulations, network, provider and other issues that may arise.


Healthcare Reform has led many NJ employers to consider replacing their current group medical plans with private exchange plans, to provide high quality employee benefits leveraging the NJ exchange plans.

*** There are new options that can lead to the best value design.